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December 14, 2023
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Magnets Consistency
Sintered NdFeB is produced by powder metallurgy process, the maincomponents are pure iron and rare earth material(iron 65% and rare earth 30%). The average particle size of the powder isonly about 3.0 um. Because of bigger surface area, strong powderactivity, it is easily oxidized. lf operated incorrectly,lt will cause oxygen to be high in the part or whole magnet which will eventually lead to the low consistency of magnet performance.

By introducing advanced production equipments, adopting low-oxygenproduction technology, and implementing strictquality control system;strengthen the training of front-line operators and other measures toensure strictness in each step operated according to the processrequirements, control the oxygen content of the magnet, so as to ensurethe consistency of the magnets to meetcustomer requests.