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Production Introduction Of casting Strip -Magnetic Materials by Skyup Magnetics

Good quality Rare Earth Magnets for sales
Good quality Rare Earth Magnets for sales
Products and packing is perfect, and our QC is satisfied with them .Your professional suggestion gave us one good design idea .Thanks for your team.

—— Cammy-Germany

You always provide good service for each details of products.It help us save much of time and energy .Hope we could have more cooperation later .

—— Aida-UK

I have been in purchasing position for many years ,we like to work with your team ,as professional products knowledge,and STRICT QC process .

—— Sim-USA

Thanks for your professional suggestion on magnets project.And always nice to work together with you .

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The products in good packing status,and it works well in our application.Thanks for your effort.

—— Brete -Australia

Good Purchasing impression from your company .Professional Products supports deep us .

—— Garu -Switzerland

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Production Introduction Of casting Strip -Magnetic Materials by Skyup Magnetics
Production Introduction Of casting Strip -Magnetic Materials by Skyup Magnetics

The name “Quick-dissolving casting strip”, which sounds very mysterious, is actually an alloy of rare metals and non-ferrous metals, but its production process is not simple.


The main raw material of magnetic materials is rare earth. Rare earth minerals contain various impurities and cannot be directly applied. For light rare earths such as Baotou, the separation of iron ore and rare earth ore is first required, and then the 17 elements in the rare earth concentrate are separated one by one, among which high-purity yttrium oxide can be obtained. The next step is to carry out high-temperature smelting of yttrium oxide and yttrium fluoride at about 1200°C to become a base metal.

These steps are only "ready to run." Next, calculate the recipe based on the customer's desired performance requirements. For example, if the customer requests that the demagnetization does not occur within 100°C and the performance does not change, some heavy rare earths, including helium, neon, and helium, need to be added. General performance products are equipped with some base metals and pure iron, ferroboron, cobalt, antimony, copper, aluminum and other materials. They are put together in a furnace and heated to a high temperature of 1400°C, melted into liquid, and then dumped and pressed. Between 0.25 and 0.35 mm thin slices, this is the "quick-throwing strip".

It may be easier to understand if the ICP composition analysis is performed on the 'fast-dissolving casting strip'. The total amount of rare earths in this sheet is 30%, iron is 65%, and the remaining ratio is boron, copper, aluminum, cobalt, etc. .

The "quick-spinning strip" is the first process for making magnetic materials. It does a good job of directly affecting the quality of magnetic materials. Visible quality indicators are "white sheets" to be white, and inside are to be placed under the scanning electron microscope of Carl Zeiss in Germany to enlarge the texture to 1000 times, that is, the metallographic phase. If you see these small slices have regular columnar lines like the human body veins, it is the quality of the top grade, but if it is fuzzy, or the upper and lower columnar barrier, or cement and other irregular patterns.

We have also made a technical breakthrough in the Japanese patent for "NdFeB rapid reflow zone stripping." Although adding a niobium element reduces the cost by 20%, because niobium has a higher melting point, it needs to increase the temperature, which can easily cause metallurgical defects. Rules, technical requirements are very high.

"Based on the original type of rejection furnace, we spent 8.5 million yuan on the introduction of the highest-end type III equipment, because the formation of metallurgy is also closely related to the rotation speed of the melt, the angle, the smoothness of the copper roller and so on. The original type 1 device was cooled in the furnace body with a flanking plate and was used as a furnace in 4 hours, but now the three-type device with the flanking strips cooled outside the furnace and used as a furnace for 2 hours not only improves the equipment utilization and yield. , at the same time, the gloss of the rejection film is also better, and its oxygen content is also reduced

After the downstream companies got the "rapid reel dumping strips", they were first broken with hydrogen and turned into powder, which was then ground and milled to a powder density of less than 3.0 ML. "This is a very fine density, and it's even thinner than the rice noodles the baby eats." Pan Chongqiang said that this kind of powder will burn near the oxygen in the air. However, this kind of burning is smokeless and fire-free. If it touches the skin, it looks Can not see, but the burning sensation is very serious. Therefore, it is necessary to use argon gas to insulate the air and wrap it up to form the final magnetic material.

Magnetic materials are actually very versatile, and we are everywhere. For example, there are 7 places in a cell phone to use it, a car has 13 components can not do without it, like speakers, windows, motors are hiding this material.

Posted By Skyup magnetics (Ningbo)

Pub Time : 2018-03-16 11:20:19 >> News list
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