NdFeB suppliers -Skyup magnetics analyze the main market use of NdFeB magnets

December 29, 2020
Latest company news about NdFeB suppliers -Skyup magnetics  analyze the main market use of NdFeB magnets

NdFeB suppliers -Skyup magnetics  analyze the main market use of NdFeB magnets

NdFeB magnets have been widely used in many fields, especially modern high-tech fields. Its applications can be divided into the following types in terms of physical principles:

1. Electrical energy-mechanical energy conversion, such as motors, speakers, VCM voice coil motors, etc.;

2. Mechanical energy-electrical energy conversion, such as generators, receivers, measuring instruments, etc.;

3. Mechanical energy-mechanical energy, such as: magnetic separation, magnetic levitation, magnetic transmission, magnetic suspension and magnetic chuck, etc.;

4. Use the physical effects of the magnetic field, such as: magnetic resonance, magnetization to remove wax, magnetization to save fuel, etc.

NdFeB market use-Motor

The emergence of rare earth permanent magnets means that the motor field will cause revolutionary changes. This is because the rare-earth permanent magnet has no excitation loss and no heat, and the motor made with it has many advantages. Because the rare earth permanent magnet motor has no excitation coil and iron core, the volume of the magnet is smaller than the original magnetic field, no loss, no heat, so in order to obtain the same output power, the weight of the whole machine can be reduced by more than 30%, or the same The volume, weight, and output power are more than 50% larger.

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